Welcome to Majdas Rooms!

Located 5 minutes from the Old Town, ´Majda’s´ offers you the ideal living accommodation. Fully-equipped kitchen and two clean, fresh bathrooms and a terrace are available for guests. Everything is newly renovated. Free internet access and cable television is also available to all guests. Free parking is available in the parking lot located in front of the building.
If you come with a bus or train we can pick you up at the Central station, or any other place in the town, free of charge!

‘Majdas’ is located in a quiet residential neighborhood that is only minutes away from the excitement, energy and beauty of Mostar’s Old Town and Old Bridge. We wish to offer you the most comfortable and pleasant stay in Mostar.

lea_blagaj_017_adapted.jpgAdditional services, such as transportation within the city, pick-up from bus/railway station, personal guide around the area, and daily breakfast available upon request.

Latest thing that we just started to do,which showed to be very popular, is trips to surroundings areas with waterfalls, midevel towns, climbing fortresses, visit wineries and such for decent cost.

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